Treasure Chest is self funded and relies on donations and grants. Various funding bodies have supported our work over the years including: Volunteer England, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York Fund for Women and Girls, Purey Cust Trust. Treasure Chest receive no statutory financial help from either the NHS or the council.


Treasure Chest volunteers also raise funds themselves through events such as cake sales, jumble sales and hosting Pampered Chef parties.


Most of the money raised by Treasure Chest is used to fund training courses for local mothers who are passionate about breastfeeding, to become breastfeeding peer supporters. The courses are offered free to participants and where possible a creche is provided free of charge too. Current training costs Treasure Chest approximately £150 for each peer supporter on the course. Other money raised by Treasure Chest is used to cover the running costs of each drop-in group and monthly workshops.


All Treasure Chest peer supporters are volunteers and receive no financial reward for their work with mothers.


If you would like to support our work financially then please use the 'donate' button or contact us.







West Bank Summer fair 2014

Treasure Chest peer supporters at the West Bank Park summer fair