Some of our Peer Supporters regularly attend local baby/toddler groups in York and are happy to provide breastfeeding information and support at these groups.  The group leader will be able to introduce you.  We must stress that we cannot guarantee that the Peer Supporter will be there each week.  Please enquire via our Facebook group 'Treasure Chest & Beyond', preferably the day before, to find out if the Peer Supporter will be there.  You will of course need to abide by the rules of the group in terms of entrance fees, booking in advance if applicable etc.


For details of our dedicated weekly breastfeeding support groups, please click here.

Other places you can find Treasure Chest support

Name of group: Little Teds (term time only)

Address: St Edward the Confessor Church, Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1QG

Day: Mondays

Times: 10:30 to 12noon

Name of Peer Supporter: Katharine W

Name of group: Play & Praise (term time only)

Address: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Melrosegate, York, YO31 0RP

Day: Tuesdays

Times: 1:30 to 3pm

Name of Peer Supporter: Luci

Name of group: Toddlers

Address: Christ Church, Stockton Lane, Heworth, York, YO31 1JG

Day: Mondays

Times: 1:30 to 2:45pm

Name of Peer Supporter: Gayle