Treasure Chest Peer Supporters

Our peer supporters are all volunteers who have breastfed their child for at least six months and have undergone training to enable them to support other families who wish to breastfeed. They have all had 20 hours of training which covers areas such as counselling and listening skills, how breastfeeding works and how to tackle breastfeeding problems.


If you'd like to speak to a peer supporters you can find them at one of our support groups, on the hospital ward as part of their hospital visits, and at our antenatal workshops. Most women who have problems breastfeeding find their problems are resolved after meeting with our peer supporters, however, should you wish to see a breastfeeding counsellor this can be arranged.

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As well as providing breastfeeding support, our volunteers also help with the running of our organisation including such roles as treasurer, secretary, fundraising, PR etc.  


If you are interested in training to become a volunteer peer supporter, click here for information about our training courses.