Treasure Chest are pump hire agents for ARDO.  If you would like to hire a pump please text Melody Robinson on 07500 623612 for more information.


The Elite hospital-grade breast pump allows the mum to control and adjust suction strength and cycling speed to closely simulate baby's nursing patterns. Suction and cycling options are set independently of each other and are adjustable to accommodate each mother's personal comfort. The Elite is extremely robust and is used successfully in hospitals across the UK.


ARDO pumpsets have a closed collection system, impermeable in both directions, which has been verified by an independent testing laboratory.  The silicone membrane pot integrated into the PumpSets ensures a 100% barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents.  This VacuuSeal technology protects both the breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene.


ARDO PumpSets are made from premium-quality Bisphenol-A free materials.


Please note: Pump hire is not a free service.  Concessions are available for women receiving benefits.


Hire a hospital grade breast pump

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