Treasure Chest, and especially the lovely Caroline Bolton have helped and supported us with both of our children. First time, I needed help to establish feeding with my daughter who came eight weeks early. The second time, I needed a little help with my son who arrived 4 weeks early. Breast feeding is not easy and getting the right support in the early days makes such a difference. Treasure Chest provide that support without condition or judgement. The environment created is one of friendship and confidence. Thank you Treasure Chest. - Sapna


The support from the Treasure Chest peer supporters and Caroline Bolton has kept me breastfeeding despite feeling like giving up many times with difficulties establishing breastfeeding. These lovely ladies know how to empower you to trust your own instincts and to provide an inspiring and appropriate level of support without patronising, pressure or judgment. Thank you! - Katie


Your antenatal workshop which I attended in April 2013 was just what I needed. When my daughter was born, I was very well prepared and we latched like a pro. Unfortunately, my daughter had a bad tongue tie and wouldn't suckle. She had her tongue snipped and had to learn how to suckle again. So many times over the next few days in hospital I wanted to give up and use formula. Quite frankly, had it not been for the facts and statistics I'd been taught, I would have thought feeding her was impossible. But I remembered what you told me about virtually every woman and baby being capable of breastfeeding and I pushed through the frustration and just kept trying. I stuck to what you had all taught me at the workshop and achieved success. You educated my husband too so on the hard nights when I was too bleary eyed to check the latch, he did it for me. My daughter's latch has always been amazing. I've not had a single crack, blister or episode of bleeding because I took on board what you taught me. - Rebecca


My husband and I attended the ante-natal workshop in April 2013, when I was about 7 months pregnant. There is only so much you can learn about breastfeeding without actually having a baby but the workshop brought all this across in an interesting and informative manner: the benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect in the early days and weeks, and the theory of a good latch. The most valuable support was, however, was having a peer-supporter with me right after the birth of my daughter (she attended the birth as our doula) when I stared at my baby, stared at my boob, and had no idea at all how to bring the two together. Her calm support and encouragement in the middle of the night, when I was ready to dissolve in tears, got our breastfeeding relationship off to a flying start which meant that my little girl never lost any birth weight. Having the peer-supporter's number and knowing she was on the other end of the phone was very reassuring when I contacted her when I had a blocked duct, when my daughter's latch had gone out the window and much later on when I had developed a milk blister on one of my nipples. Her support kept us going and at six and a half months we're still going strong. - Jennifer


I attended an antenatal workshop in May 2010. The session was imformative, friendly and light hearted. It gave me all the information I needed in one day in an easy to digest, hands on style. I truly believe this session gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in breastfeeding my oldest daughter for so long. Now I'm feeding my second baby!  Thank you Treasure Chest! I have recommended your workshops to others and will continue too in the future. - Emma


I don't think I'd still be breastfeeding now 3 months on if I hadn't had the support of this group. It has been invaluable to see that I'm doing ok and there are others in the same situation. I will continue to come to the groups for as long as I breastfeed, which will hopefully be 6 months and beyond now. - Clare


I can't thank Treasure Chest enough for the huge amount of help and support they have given me and my family. Here's our story:

My son was born with a tongue tie and couldn't breastfeed for the first 16 hours of his life. The tie was snipped the day after he was born, and, despite the rocky start, he fed and gained weight beautifully for the first 6 weeks. Despite initial problems I was becoming a confident breastfeeding mother. At 6 weeks old, however, he was showing all the signs of having silent reflux. During this period we received various pieces of advice about how best to manage the condition through feeding, but by eight weeks, his weight gain was poor and the scheduled feeding we'd been trying wasn't working. I had lost all my confidence and didn't know what to do for the best. The health visitor could see how low I was and put me in touch with Melody Robinson, a TC peer supporter. Mel contacted me straight away, came to our house, talked through the issues and watched us feed. She suggested different feeding positions, ways to improve the latch and gave information about on-demand feeding. Most of all she listened and told me I was doing a great job. That was just what I needed to hear and he gained 9oz that week! Over the next few weeks Mel stayed in touch, checked how the feeding was going and provided information and support at the drop of a hat. She was the safety net I needed and she helped me to build my confidence and trust my instincts and my baby's instincts with feeding. Having TC support was a huge turning point and I can't thank Mel enough for her help. I genuinely don't think we'd still be exclusively breastfeeding - or breastfeeding at all - had it not been for her.

Treasure Chest provide the support network that new mums so desperately need at this vulnerable time. I know from talking to other Mums that they are so highly thought of in York. I believe that there aren't many insurmountable breastfeeding problems. All you need is support at the right time from people who truly care. That's exactly what Treasure Chest do. - Louisa


I've had fantastic breastfeeding support from Caroline Bolton and the support group at Knavesmire. My son could only feed via nipple shields but with lots of help eventually he learnt to feed without them. I found the group very supportive and it helped to know I wasn't alone in experiencing problems. The peer supporters were so helpful and encouraging. I am sure I wouldn't be breastfeeding if it wasn't for Treasure Chest. - Elizabeth


When my baby was 2 weeks old, I went to the group for support as I was finding breastfeeding so difficult and painful. It was a really emotional time for me, as I thought I would have to give up breastfeeding as I couldn't imagine carrying on for much longer. Caroline and the peer supporters at Treasure Chest were amazing. They listened to me, advised me and supported me each week to help me carry on breastfeeding. 4.5 months later I am still exclusively breastfeeding my baby and couldn't be happier with this. I can honestly say I don't think I would have been able to carry on without the help of Treasure Chest. Thank you so much for hosting the group. - Jill


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